Love/Heart Chakra Group

To increase your love energy and grow your heart chakra, you will need to tame and man age your Anger. We have Anger Management books for Men and Women, Click on this link for this valuable resource Anger Management Skills for Men: online   Anger Management Skills for Women: online

Our goal is for people to have a pleasant experience of you whenever you have to say something to them that is unpleasant or they may not want to hear what you have to say. We teach you how to communicate from your heart rather from your ego or your head, in this way you will be received perceived by other in a positive way and the words you say will be filled with compassion and be caring. Our Anger Management Services for children is limited 1:1 counseling ages 5-14. Children ages 15-18 are enrolled in our adult program if their behavior, mental and emotional status is appropriate.

We are all feeling, caring, reacting persons, and that is good. The problem is we sometimes overreact, react at the wrong time, or react in a manner that hurts others or cause others to feel bad about the way they feel when they are in our presence. All of our emotions are good. They help us react and respond to the people and situations in our environment. The way you communicate and interact with others will determine how people think about you; feel about you and how they respond to you.

Objective – Our classes, books, and groups are a useful tool to help you respond appropriately to others; so that the words you say, your verbal communication, physical communication (body language) and the emotions you express (behavior) is experienced by others in a pleasant manner.Test Your Love Intuition.

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