Ida Greene, RN, LMFT, DD, PhD is an Intuitive Life Coach for people who want to Own Their Power and Allow Their Inner Light to Come Forth to Heal themselves, the Planet and Live an Abundant, Prosperous Life.

Our Programs provides guidance on increased Personal Empowerment, Self Value, Appreciation, Acceptance, Confidence and enhanced People Skills. Our goal is help you move through the barriers or obstacles that keep you from being your best in all areas of your life. We guide you on how to get out of your way to be your personal and professional best so your Best Self and Greatness come forth.

When you want results along with enjoyment, look to Your Journey to Loving Yourself Programs to lift you out of your ordinary daily happenings, to experience renewed energy, enthusiasm, and inner joy on your Journey to Self-Love and Self Enlightenment. We offers customized personal development programs to fit your needs.

Let us Help You Start Enjoying Your Relationships Today Through One of Our Services.  If You Would Like to Achieve Rapid Success, Enroll In Our 6 month or 1 year Coaching Program

Complimentary Self-Discovery Session with Dr. Ida Greene (Valued at $500).
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