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I Work With Women Who Are Ready for a Breakthrough to Grow Themselves to Live a Life They Love.

Results You Will Get From Working With Us:

You Will Gain More Confidence and Self-Assurance.

You Will Learn to Take Back or Own Your Power.

You Will Discover Your Own Greatness and a Strong Self-Identity.

You Will Become More Assertive and Less Passive.

You Will Become Strong In Self-Care.

You Will Learn to Feel Equal to Your Male Partner In Self-Worth.

You Will No Longer Feel Afraid of Being Alone.

You Will No Longer Allow Others to Take Advantage of You.

My Ideal Client is a Woman Who Feels There is More She Can Be, Have, and Do to Experience Renewed Energy, Enthusiasm and Inner Joy, on Her Journey to Self-Love.

When you want results along with enjoyment, look to our Journey to Self-Love Coaching, Workshops and Retreats to lift you out of your ordinary approach to living a life you Love.  Dr. Ida Greene offers customized personal coaching programs to fit your unique needs. Go to www.journeytoselflove.com to enroll in one of our programs.


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