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Anger Management Skills for Teenagers: online<a href=”” class=”sq-embed-item”> online</a>
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One thing that any child can do to enhance their self-esteem is to be in control of all toxic emotions. A toxic emotion is any emotion that has the potential to cause harm to another person, create disharmony between you and another, to be a source of conflict, cause irreparable damage to a relationship, or to destroy an interaction between you and another. Anger can be like an atomic bomb when uncontrolled.Copyright © March 27, 2008; ISBN 1-8865-23-X; $9.99

Anger Management Skills For Children-Middle School: online

This book helps the Middle School Child who is old enough to understand that if someone is making them angry that there was something they said or did not say that caused them to get angry with someone. This book explores what some of those things could be. ISBN 1-11881165-24-8, $9.99

Anger Management Skills for Children Elementary: online

This book is geared toward the younger child and his or her parents. The worksheets help the child release their feelings about anger without making it boring. The worksheets will also allow the parent to view the child’s real sources of anger. ISBN 1-881165-08-6 Copyright © August 1, 2003, Second edition, March 27, 2008; $9.99

Anger Management Skills for Men: online

This book helps you to understand why you are feeling out of control and unable to express your feelings without “blowing your stack”. You may be a habitual over-reactor. Our relationship with others does not have to be full of resentment, envy, distrust, frustration, confusion and rage. This book will give you the tools on how to deal with difficult people, and how to keep your “cool” when you are upset or interacting with someone who has a volatile temperaments. ISBN-1-881165-10-8; $14.44

Anger Management Skills for Women: online
The emotional states of uncertainty, doubt, distrust, worry, frustration, anxiety, anger, rage and fear, all prevent us from enjoying life. If we could rid ourselves of our rigid beliefs about others and the conditions we encounter, the above emotions could never affect us to create havoc in our life. This book will give you the tools to deal with difficult people, and how to keep your “cool” when interacting with “emotional over reactors;” or how to cool down when you are feeling frustrated, or about to over react. ISBN-1-881165-09-4; $14.44

How to Be a Success in Business: online
This Book helps understand the business world and what it will require for you to be a success in a business. It provide the tools and skills you will need to start and You must know why you want to have a business, or be a business person before you embark on a career in business. The world of business is very different from that of being an employee. It is not for the feint of heart. You must be committed and determined to succeed in spite of obstacle or setback. The world of business is like a ship at sea; you may have smooth sailing one day, and the next day, be in the midst of a turbulent storm. You must have a good reason to be in business, and you will need to remind yourself often of your reason. grow a business. It also supports you in the process of being in business for yourself. This book teaches you how to start, manage and grow a business successfully. ISBN-1-881165-03-5; $15.95

Say Goodbye to Your Smallness, Say Hello to Your Greatness: online

This book will help you understand the reasons why you say you want money, success, positive feelings, wealth and you never achieve it.
You are here to make a difference. You are no ordinary person. You were created under Divine lineage, in the image and likeness of God. You were born with all the attributes of the greatest of mankind. The only person who limits you, your potential and who are capable of becoming is yourself. When you accept your Divine lineage, begin to see yourself as royalty, and act as if you come from royal lineage, your life will change for the better, because you will have stepped into your Greatness. Greatness is your birthright; claim it today and watch how this transforms your life. It is possible that you lack the self-image and mindset of “greatness”. This book will raise your awareness and assist you in accepting your Greatness. ISBN-1-881165-07-8; $15.95

Money, How to Get It, How to Keep It: online

Most of us have negative mental programming surrounding money and money substance from child hood. This book will help you release negative beliefs, thoughts and behaviors from child hood in your relationship to money. It looks at the spirituality of money and give you the key steps of the manifestation process on how to get and keep money. Money, opulence abundance and wealth are a natural state for all of us. Money is tied to our survival needs, so it comes more frequent in our life. It seems that we will always have a relationship with money, because it impacts our relationship with ourselves, with others and how we are perceived by them.. Maybe you are thinking that financial success is for a chosen few and you are not one of them. If this is your thinking, erase that from your mind. Money, opulence abundance and wealth are a natural state for all of us. There are four types of success that we work on in a given time. They are Personal, Financial Spiritual and Social. Whatever the reason, financial success awaits you, it is your innate drive to want more, so you can improve the lives of other. This book focuses on what it will take for you to Get Money and Keep Money, on a continuous basis.
ISBN-1-881165-17-5; $15.95

Self-Esteem, the Essence of You: online

This book talks about the true essence of who you are. It will help you accept and believe in yourself. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. It dictates what you get in life, where you go or how far you go in life, how much money you will make, and what kind of car you drive. Life is not fair but it is just. It is our training camp. I am certain that much of our pain and suffering is because of erroneous beliefs and ideas we embrace about ourselves, others and about life. ISBN-1-881165-11-6; $14.44

Light the Fire Within You: online

Light means to enlighten or understanding truth. Light gives off warmth, and the warmth of this light is love. The love of God is the warm light that breaks through darkness, fear, negativity, hatred, low self-esteem, anger, envy, greed, self doubt, uncertainty, and poverty. Of the above feelings and emotional states, fear is the deadliest. Fear blocks out trust, faith in yourself or others. Fear paralyzes the mind and every cell in the body. It blocks out the natural light that exists in every cell in the body. When this happens, we feel isolated, abandoned and alone. The emotional states of uncertainty, doubt, distrust, worry, frustration, anxiety, anger, condemnation and fear, all prevent us from moving forward in life. Fear has the ability to paralyze your thought processes, rendering them useless to process new information. It steals your joy and enthusiasm (light). ISBN-1-881165-01-9; $15.95

Are You Ready For Success? online

There are four types of success that we are working on at any given time in life. They are Personal, Financial, Spiritual and Social. There is a large overlap between our spiritual success and financial success. You will need to decide what type of success is right for you at any point in your life. It may be personal success, where you work on your relationships with others or spiritual success, where you decide if there is a Divine Power in the universe and discover your relationship to that power. You may want to improve your financial success, to better provide for yourself, your family’s needs, give money to your church or favorite charity.
ISBN-1-881165-02-7; $15.95

Book review: Carol Young
Dr Ida Greene’s book, “Are You Ready for Success” opened my mind to the understanding that it takes a renewed mindset to receive the challenges of success, everything begins with our thoughts, and she makes one be mindful of what we think and how to reshape that thinking to prepare for success. It is so important to know that “plan, purpose and desire” begins within first before it manifest outwardly and then we must know what to do when success comes; our “thoughts and beliefs” about money will determine if we are ready for our journey to success.

Soft Power Negotiation Skills: online

Negotiation is a unique way of communicating with others to reach a desired outcome. This book teaches you that everything is negotiable and shows you how to get your desires met through the negotiation process. Learn how to ask for what you want and have others gladly give it to you. Learn how to resolve conflict easy and effortlessly.
ISBN-1-881165-04-3, $15.95

Soft Power Skills, Women and Negotiation: online

This book focuses on the soft side of power and many women think of power and often respond in a manner as if they are afraid of power and the negotiation process. The basic premise is that negotiation is fun and is a learned behavior. It reminds you that everything is negotiable and shows you how to get your desires met through the negotiation process. Resolving conflict is easy and not to be feared. Order through  ISBN-1-418445568 $15.95

How to Improve Self-Esteem In the African American Child: online

The culture of African American is rich, vibrant, and full of life and energy. African American children struggle on a daily basis to live with and accept their skin color, their culture, and how to blend into society without losing themselves. The truth is we can bleach our skin; however we cannot make it black. All skin colors are beautiful, especially black  ISBN-1-881165-15-9, $15.95

How to Improve Self-Esteem In Any Child: online

Children are fragile, shy and unsure of themselves. Yet there are some children who feel they are the universe. They have to learn how to value themselves, their contribution, their property; and do the same for others. They have to learn how to socially interact with others, how to love, respect, and appreciate themselves others as well as others. This book will teach them these skills. ISBN-1-881165-13-2; $14.44

How to Improve Self-Esteem In Any Child Workbook: online

This book poses questions for the child to answer and asks them to make drawings in the book. This workbook is for you to write what you feel about your self-esteem, ISBN 1-881165-12-4; $14.44.

Stirring Up the African American Spirit: online

The African American experience is about hardship, overcoming adversity, physical pain, humiliation and freedom. It is sometimes seen as a mixed blessing for many. This book speaks about my experience as a descendant of slavery and segregation, moving through desegregation to the trials of integration. We are at a crossroad in our culture where there are many paths to take. This book speaks about the path we need to take now. Hopefully it will educate, or inspire you to redefine yourself, go beyond your limitations or into the dawning of a new you. ISBN-1-881165-19-1; $14.95

Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places: online

Today, we have an infinite number of choices to find love and be in a loving relationship. There are 101 million singles in the United States. Twenty five percent of all households are single occupants. Many singles seem to be traveling to a vague destination looking for love without a map or compass. There are some right places to look for love, which will be covered in this book. $17.77 © December 30, 2013, ISBN 1-881165-05-1

How to Be Alone Without Feeling Lonely: online

I have lived with two husbands; however, I have lived alone for the last 25 years and I have enjoyed my time living alone. I certainly have gotten more accomplished by living alone, because I have been able to create my own schedule whenever and however I want to. I did not need to worry or concern myself that I was ignoring someone or avoiding taking into consideration the needs or welfare of someone else, and I had the freedom to do as I chose. I felt power in my freedom to create my day as I desired. I decided I would not marry or date another man until I figured out what caused me to be attracted to a man with an abusive personality and this book explores this issue. ISBN 1-881165-26-4 Copyright © December 20, 2013, $17.77

Understanding Relationships and How to Improve Them: online

This book helps you with those nagging relationship concerns you have been afraid to ask or approach. This book will answer some of your most daunting questions about relationships and how to make them work. Effective relationships are an art form and is always in a fluid, engaging and dynamic state of evolution. It is a delicate dance between getting to know a person and finding a good and comfortable fit for both you and them. Copyright © January 2, 2015, ISBN 978-1-881165-25-5; $17.77

Understanding Relationships Home Study Program download workbook comes with: 1 Coaching Session valued at $500.00: online

Angels Among Us Earth Angels: online

This book calls upon each of us to help heal the planet and Assist God, by becoming an Earth Angel. An Earth Angel is someone who daily does kind deeds or acts of kindness. In my book a Basic Earth Angel is someone who does !0 good deeds or acts of kindness for 30 days. A medium Earth Angel is someone who does 20 good deeds or acts of kindness for 30 days and an Advanced Earth Angel or Disciple of Jesus is someone who does 30 good deeds or acts of kindness for 30 days. Each person will receive a certificate after they complete their training. We can change the world and the lives of people through our loving Acts of Kindness. ISBN 1-881165-20-5; $11.11

Secrets of Success: online

This book explores the creative urge within each of us to procreate, create and improve our life and the lives of others through the accomplishment of our dreams and aspirations in life. When we become better, those around us become better also. Therefore, it is in the best interest of society, for all of us to want more out of life, to strive to improve our life and the lives of those around us. This is what success is all about. Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal and the attainment of that goal. When we are actively pursuing a goal, it brings joy, hope and excitement into our lives. There is an exhilaration of love, compassion and understanding for others. It all begins with us striving to better ourselves and improve our lives. Copyright © August 1, 2006, ISBN 1-881165-21-3; $14.44