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People Skills International provides Motivational Presentations and Seminars, Coaching, Books, Audio recordings, and videos. Learn to find the success within yourself. People Skills International helps you find that success with various paths. We like to look at ourselves as coaches. We guide you to better self-esteem. We will coach you on how to say “Hello” to greatness of health, wealth, peace of mind, and a more positive approach to fulfilling relationships.Say goodbye to your smallness, Say hello to your greatness.

Dr. Greene’s philosophy about life is: She feels there is nothing we can’t do if we put our hearts and minds to it, through our faith, belief in ourselves and a belief in a POWER greater than ourselves.

We give motivational seminars for businesses and church groups, and also hold private seminars for individual groups. Seminars are available nationwide. We have been doing over 30 years.  We are a member of the National Speakers Association and a leader in our industry. If you would like a Complimentary Self-Discovery Session with Dr. Ida Greene (Valued at $500). Complete This Form CompStrategyQuestions01.3.17 and Send To Me:, (619) 262-9951

Please email or call us for scheduling information and pricing for Ida Greene to speak at your next convention or event. Helping You to Light the Fire Within and Keep It Lit.    Dr. Ida Greene, PhD. Professional Speaker, Coach, Author, (619) 262-9951Ida newphoto

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