Intuition Group/Training

 Grow Your Intuition to Increase Your Charisma, Relationships and Success in life
I am an Intuitive Relationship Coach, I help you develop your intuitive skills and grow your intuition; If you are new in the field or want to deepen you ability to give intuitive messages. Some people like myself are born with this gift highly developed and other people have to awaken and develop this gift in themselves through training and practice by tapping into their Crown Chakra (top of the head) and the third eye (located between the eye brows). 
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Traditional Coaching can be booked on our website. Our other spiritual services are: Intuitive Consultations (sometimes referred to as a “Reading” because it taps into your “Divine Self” and you get a message from God or the Holy Spirit if the person giving the message is connected to the Holy Spirit.  We provide a mini and a two hour Angel Readings, and a two hour Past Life Regression or Reintegration Sessions.  Click on the link for these services Now!   online   

Once your quiz is completed Schedule an Appointment:   To review your intuition quiz results with Dr. Ida Greene (Valued at $500)
Dr Ida : Email:, (619) 262-9951.
If you have a specific question and need a direct answer to a question you can get a 15 Minute Intuitive Consultation or Mini Angel Message Now for $97.00  online
Dr Ida Intuitive Relationship, Love Coach